WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

Open source manufacturer #1 in application integration. Gartner

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is a platform for fast and interactive integration with any application, data or information system that enables communication with any channel in the digital age.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator lets you

  • Connect to everything from legacy systems to Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

  • Reduce complexity and maximize innovation response time on a single platform.
  • Save money and time through better resource utilization.
  • Model business processes within SOA service oriented architectures or microservices.
  • Analyze application performance.

  • Deployment complex integration scenarios quickly and easily.
  • Expose "data as a service" and unleash the full potential of your organization's APIs.

  • Efficient deployments and quick changes.

  • Flexibility in deployments on premises, public or mixed cloud.

An overview of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

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