WSO2 API Manager

Forrester Wave has ranked WSO2 as the leading platform for open source API management

WSO2 API Manager is an open source solution that enables application development, API lifecycle management, access control, and information analysis in a fully integrated system.

Its hybrid integration capabilities simplify projects that span traditional environments, offering robust, microservice-based digital services to meet current market demand. WSO2 offers a Cloud Native API management solution, which achieves flexibility, scalability of microservices, containers and orchestration, allows extensibility, customization and avoids blocking by product manufacturers.

The API management policies allow organizations to authenticate and authorize requests from any type of device, connecting to servers with traditional or microservice-based architectures.

WSO2 API Manager lets you

  • Manage the entire API lifecycle, from design to deployment.
  • Monitor the systems, analyzing each request it receives, detecting anomalies and access fraud.

  • Generate new sources of income by monetizing new products and services.

  • Knowing customer behavior.

  • Analyze and optimize the services with every action and every data that is collected.

  • Make better decisions with data on API usage.
  • Secures data and information systems.

  • It accelerates the software development process.

An overview of
WSO2 API Manager

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