“It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it”- Warren Buffet

´Perception 2.0′ allows to capture and analyze comments and mentions inside and around the company, products and people. It is capable of identifying and contextualizing positive and negative feelings, including classifying the associated risks and categorizing the mentions in order to make immediate and correct decisions.


  • Take immediate and accurate actions based on the context and feelings of the comments to take care of your good reputation and/or that of your business.
  • Identify and manage the risks around your company's reputation and detect issues that affect your brand.
  • Discover trends to make decisions based on perceptions of the environment.
  • Take care of and supervise your image, whether you are a business or a public figure (politician, celebrity, social media influencer, business leader, etc).

Possibilities and functionalities

  • Identifies trends and reacts instantly to the opinions of your customers, users and the environment.

  • Monitors public media. Identifies negative and positive mentions.

  • Detects sensitive issues that may affect or impact your organization.

  • Monitors specific sources of interest. Media, entities, personalities, etc.
  • Follows and analyzes in real time the feelings of the comments from different sources (Internal and External). Social networks, digital media, PQRS systems, etc.
  • Automatically categorizes risks and/or types of comments. It also maintains a dynamic dictionary through machine learning (ML).
  • Creates and receives alerts to the risk of mentions and impact comments.
  • Generates historical reports on topics of interest.

Some use cases

  • Monitoring and analysis of the socio-political environment for entities.
  • Reputational analysis and public management of government entities.

  • Analysis of brand impact and product launches.

  • Monitoring and analysis of customer satisfaction and service.
  • Measurements and electoral trends. Analysis of candidates' perception.

  • Analysis and monitoring of strategic and tactical trends of the competition. Perception of my adversaries.

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